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Honey in a Glass

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How to make a batch of mead, a classic fermented beverage that’s been around – and been enjoyed – for at least six thousand years. With simple recipes, step-by-step instructions and a guide to different kinds of honey, from clover to orange blossom and tupelo.

Making Mead: Tips from the Pros


Expert advice on turning honey into tasty mead.

Make a Spiced Metheglin

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The ways and means to making a spiced metheglin

Fruit Cocktail: Make a Melomel

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Raspberries, blackberries, peaches and more: From grocery stores to farmers’ markets, fresh fruit is abundant come summer. So it’s the perfect time to try a melomel, a mead made with honey and fruit. Melomels are a very approachable style of mead, both to drink and to make. Mead isn’t for everyone, and those who object

Mead: The Most Noble Brew

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Is there a brew that conjures up more images than mead? Whether you associate it with ancient druids, pre-Roman civilizations of central Europe, Vikings, Teutonic raiders, Celts ancient or modern, it is impossible to deny the hold that mead has always had on the imagination of Western civilization. Some believe that it was mead that

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