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Multi-function Brew Room

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Should you cut the cheese (making in your brewery area)?

Making Sake


Grains, water, yeast . . . and koji? Learn the secrets of making sake (Japanese rice wine) and get your moto rising.

Step-by-Step Guide to Your First Fresh Grape Wine

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Basic Winemaking Equipment Here’s everything you need to make your first one-gallon batch of wine from fresh grapes. You can find this equipment at any well-stocked homebrewing or home winemaking supply store. Large nylon straining bag (boil bag) Food-grade pail with lid (2 to 4 gallons) Cheesecloth Hydrometer Thermometer Acid titration kit Clear, flexible half-inch

Grapes or Not – It’s Still Good Wine

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Made from grapes or grass clippings, it’s still good wine.

Make Your Winemaking Mixes Match

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Make your mixes match.

Taking Control of Malolactic Fermentation with your Wine

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Most wine, under the right conditions, naturally goes through the chain of reactions called malolactic fermentation. Today, many home and commercial winemakers employ malolactic fermentation, though they also can prevent it if they choose. What Is ML? A malolactic (ML for short) fermentation is so called because it involves a microorganism (bacteria) and a chain

How To Keep Your Wine Yeast Healthy

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 Yeast cells, far from being just another ingredient to be
tossed into the pot, are living, breathing organisms that need certain
things to function properly. 

Gearing Up For The Winemaking Crush

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Gearing up for the crush. Reviewing production, equipment, sanitizing.

Personalizing Your Wine Package

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Summer is approaching, and if you haven’t already, it’s probably time to start thinking about what to do with all that wine you made last harvest season (well, besides drink it). The wine at this point is probably sound, drinkable and ready to start accumulating some serious bottle age. You certainly could stop messing with

Blending for Better Wines

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The ancient Greeks used to mix their wine with herbs, spices, and pine-tree resin. In medieval England it was considered an honor to be given both the wine and the water pitchers so you could mix your drink according to your own tastes. In modern-day France, winemakers at world-famous chateaux such as Margaux and La

The Elusive Quality of Wine Terrior

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You’ve probably heard it bandied around in boardrooms, seen it in the pages of pretentious periodicals, and even read about it on your favorite winemaking Web site. No, it’s not just another term cooked up by Wine Snobs Inc. to stymie would-be winemakers in their pursuit of a greater, Zen-like relationship with the fruit of

Preventing Three Big Wine Stinks

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Preventing Three Big Stinks  You emerge from the cellar beaming, proudly cradling one of your prized bottles in the crook of your arm. You bring it to the table, pop the cork, splash out the first precious drops into the awaiting glasses of your dinner guests. And a sinister stink redolent of swamp water permeates

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