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Cyser Apple Honey Mead


A cyser is traditionally a “sack mead,” or a sweet mead, that’s made with honey and apples. This cyser is quite like a wine, and will have a wine’s higher alcohol content when it’s finished. An important note: When buying the apple juice or cider, be sure it doesn’t contain any preservatives — like potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate or sulfites — which would kill the yeast. Check at a health-food store or find a cider producer who’ll sell you juice right off the press.

Raspberry Melomel


This raspberry melomel is perfect for summer brewing. It’s even more perfect for conjuring up memories of summer when it’s opened and enjoyed later.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Your First Fresh Grape Wine


Basic Winemaking Equipment Here’s everything you need to make your first one-gallon batch of wine from fresh grapes. You can find this equipment at any well-stocked homebrewing or home winemaking supply store.

Fruit Cocktail: Make a Melomel


Raspberries, blackberries, peaches and more: From grocery stores to farmers’ markets, fresh fruit is abundant come summer. So it’s the perfect time to try a melomel, a mead made with honey and

Grapes or Not – It’s Still Good Wine


Made from grapes or grass clippings, it’s still good wine.

Make Your Winemaking Mixes Match


Make your mixes match.

How To Keep Your Wine Yeast Healthy


 Yeast cells, far from being just another ingredient to be
tossed into the pot, are living, breathing organisms that need certain
things to function properly. 

Gearing Up For The Winemaking Crush


Gearing up for the crush. Reviewing production, equipment, sanitizing.

Personalizing Your Wine Package


Summer is approaching, and if you haven’t already, it’s probably time to start thinking about what to do with all that wine you made last harvest season (well, besides drink it). The

The Elusive Quality of Wine Terrior


You’ve probably heard it bandied around in boardrooms, seen it in the pages of pretentious periodicals, and even read about it on your favorite winemaking Web site. No, it’s not just another

Preventing Three Big Wine Stinks


Preventing Three Big Stinks  You emerge from the cellar beaming, proudly cradling one of your prized bottles in the crook of your arm. You bring it to the table, pop the cork,

Easy Steps to Great Sparkling Wine


Easy steps to great sparkling wine

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