Writer: Ashton Lewis

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Make Those Enzymes Dance


Control mash thickness by varying the ratio of water to malt. Perfect this technique to tame the enzymes that cause important reactions in the mash, influence fermentability, and affect beer flavor.

Convert Your All-Grain Recipe to Extract


go from extract to all-grain. Find a substitute for elusive hops or yeast. The do’s and don’ts of recipe conversions.

Brewing for Flavor: Hops


Hops can give your beer a wealth of flavors and aromas, both good and bad. The trick is knowing how to control them.

Better Beer with Extract Kits


So you’re a kit brewer, or perhaps you want to start brewing with kits. Maybe it’s your first brew or you’ve brewed several and are still getting things down before venturing into

412 result(s) found.