Writer: Bev D. Blackwood II

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John’s Peppered Honey Wheat


Anaheim and jalapeno peppers bring some heat to the party in this spiced-up honey wheat ale.

Wee Little Hottie


Looking to add some heat to a malt-forward style like a wee heavy? We’ve got you covered.

The Mole (Chipotle Porter)


Chipotle peppers bring a smoky, spicy flavor to this chocolatey porter recipe.

What I Learned From Saint Arnold


Saint Arnold is the Patron Saint of Brewing. Saint Arnold is also the name of a craft brewery in Houston, Texas. When a homebrewer turns professional there, what lessons will he learn? And do they apply to homebrewing?

Make Your Beer Burn: Bring the Heat of Hot Peppers to Your Brewing


Find out how to add the heat of hot peppers to your homebrew and which styles of beer go best with the burn. Everything you need to know how to brew your own caliente.

8 Big Novelty Beers of the Dixie Cup


Every year, the Foam Rangers host the Dixie Cup homebrew competition. And every year, there is a special novelty beer category that challenges brewers to think outside the carboy. Here are some of the winners.

6 result(s) found.