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Make Mine a Ballantine

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During the late 1960s and 1970s, when I was young and did a fair amount of traveling, one beer I was fond of was Ballantine XXX Ale. It was an ale rather than a lager, and it had a very noticeable hop character and presence. At a time when other American beers were becoming increasingly

Balancing Your Draft System

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A properly set up and maintained home dispensing system allows you to pour correctly carbonated beer that has the appropriate head and appearance for style. However, it can also be the source of frustration if things are not done right. Learn how to properly set up and maintain your draft system.

Nitrogen Draft Systems

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Anyone who has ever had a Guinness Stout on tap knows the cascading off-white head surging and swirling above the nearly black liquid. The head is full of extremely fine bubbles, creamy on the tongue and an integral part of the signature of this world-famous beer. This is now emulated in cans and bottles of


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Because our batch sizes are typically small compared to commercial brews, one problem many all-grain homebrewers have is maintaining their mash temperature. Ideally, mash temperature should remain relatively constant throughout each rest. Maintaining a specific temperature helps to control the fermentability of a beer, which in turn affects such qualities as body, finish and residual

Buying & Storing Hops

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There are many different varieties of hops available to the homebrewer. In addition, these hops come in a few different forms. Different forms of hops vary with regards to their storage potential and performance in the brewhouse. Whole Hops Whole hops are simply hop cones that have been picked and dried. Some European hops may

Ballantine Brewing Co.’s Ballantine IPA clone

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Ballantine carried the hoppy torch for many years with their Ballantine IPA. You can try to recreate that classic amber-colored beer with this recipe.


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It’s arguably the most famous holiday beer in the world – Samichlaus. Learn from homebrewers who have made it how to clone this Christmas classic.

Growing Hops

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One of the easier ways you can put the “home” in homebrewing is to grow your own hops. This widely distributed plant, with the latin name Humulus lupulus, is broadly part of the family of nettles. It is somewhat more closely related to cannabis, although it has few if any of the mind-altering properties and

Drewrys Brewery: Celebrating History with Cream Ale

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In 1933, when the United States was deep in the throes of the Great Depression, patience with the thirteen-year-old “noble experiment” of Prohibition had waned. It had turned millions of otherwise law-abiding citizens into scofflaws and provided a huge source of income for organized criminals who were only too happy to cater to the public’s

The House of Heileman

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The rise and fall of an American brewery. How investment hijinks brought down a brewing empire. Plus: the keys to kräusening — and an Old Style clone recipe.  

Wort Boiling


Your bubbling boil doesn’t have to cause trouble or toil. We’ll show you how to get the most from this most basic of brewing procedures.


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Your beer’s final gravity is determined by the fermentability of the wort and the action of the yeast. Find out how to control these factors in your homebrews.

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