Writer: Brittney Christianson

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Intro To Thiols: Tropical flavors in beer


Thiols have for many years held a very minor role in the greater brewing world, but that is quickly changing with the help of modern hop breeding programs. And while hops are where most folks learn of thiols, it’s actually malt where many precursors are found. Find out why this can be important during fermentation.

Yeast Hybrids: Recreating our favorite strains . . . with a twist


A new wave of yeast strains have recently been developed by yeast labs, using sexual reproduction to mate the best characteristics of our favorite strains. Learn about their potential.

Sour Power: The many ways to Lacto


The popularity of Lactobacillus in the modern craft beer scene is hard to miss. But not all Lacto species (or sub-species) act similarly. Get the scoop on a few of their differences.

Yeast Nutrition: Feed your yeast to ensure success


Yeast nutrients may not always be needed. Learn what they are made from, when you should add them, and why, in certain situations, they are highly recommended.

4 result(s) found.