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Hoppy Charts

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So how do you choose the right hops for your beer? With such a wide range of flavor and aroma characteristics, Brew Your Own’s online chart can serve as a helpful guide to more than one hundred varieties. Whether you are trying to duplicate a style or are looking to experiment, our updated list can

Two IPA Recipes

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All the IPA recipes that are fit to print (but we couldn’t fit in the magazine!)

Offbeat Homebrew Recipes

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Sure, we can tell you how to make a straight up pale ale. But, we also feature some homebrews from the weird side. Here are 10 strange brews from our first 10 years.


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What’s the simplest way to improve your homebrew? Well, for most homebrewers, it’s running a good fermentation. One of the biggest factors in this is pitching an adequate amount of yeast. Pitching a single packet of yeast into a 5-gallon (19 L) batch does not give your beer enough yeast cells to efficiently ferment the

Boiling & Cooling

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Homebrewers employ a variety of equipment to boil their worts, ranging from pots on a kitchen stovetop to modified commercial kegs heated by propane burners. Most homebrew setups involve a “simple” kettle — one with no internal structures for heating or circulation — heated by an external heating source. Concentrated vs. Full Wort Boils Most

Bottling & Kegging


There are two popular options when it comes to packaging homebrew — bottling and kegging. For many, choosing between the two is a classic case of time vs. money. Bottling is fairly

T90 VS. T45 Hop Pellets, Light Struck Beer: Mr. Wizard

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Q The effect of light on wort and beer I recently noticed that hop pellets are described as either T90 or T45. What do these values mean? What are the pros and cons of each? Is it possible to tell which you’re purchasing from homebrewing stores (I have not seen the values used in hop

2016 Label Contest

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The BYO homebrew Label Contest turned 21 years old this year, and to help us celebrate its legal drinking age, our readers sent in what may have been the most artistic and creative homebrew labels we’ve ever collected. And it wasn’t just the designs on the labels that stood out, but also what they were

Build a Beer Flight Serving Tray

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A variety of homebrewed beers on tap is a great way to impress your family and friends. But, when your guests have to drive home afterwards, they likely aren’t going to be up for a pint of each selection. Enter the flight serving tray (or paddle). Conveniently holding sample size glasses, flight trays should be

Brewing with Maple: Tips from the Pros

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Nothing says spring in the Northeast, Upper Midwest, and Canada like the sight of smoke and steam rising from sugar shacks. Many automatically envision drizzling the sweet maple syrup being boiled down on pancakes, but it doesn’t all have to be destined for your breakfast plate. How about using it to brew? No matter where

Recipe Development: Tips from the Pros

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Finding a homebrew recipe isn’t difficult — we have printed hundreds in BYO over the years, for instance— but there is something about developing your own homebrew recipe that is always appealing. Learn how the pros approach recipe development and use their advice the next time you set out to create a masterpiece. Brewer: Luke

Brewing with Fresh (Wet) Hops: Tips from the Pros

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The window to use fresh hops (that have not been dried) is small, but the reward can be great. Here are some tips to help take advantage of what nature gives us. Brewer: Kevin Smith,  Bale Breaker Brewing Co. in Yakima, WA At Bale Breaker Brewing Co., we brew a 100% wet hop beer called

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