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The Intersection of Wine and Beer


Many brewers are first drawn to homebrewing for the creativity and experimentation involved, and one of the easiest ways to add a new dimension to an already-understood style of beer is adding

Cairn 100% Brett IPA

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There are many different ways to go with fermenting this recipe from Sacch Trois to Brett Trois or any favorite strain of yours. Either way, the Centennial and Citra® hops should please any hop fan.

Modern Times Beer: Southern Lands IPA clone

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This 100% Brett Trois-fermented IPA features an intense tropical pineapple character.

Award-Winning American IPA Recipes


America’s favorite style of craft beer of late is pretty easy to name: IPA. Those three letters can sell almost anything, market analysis tells us year after year. Over time, the IPA

Brewing All-Brett IPA

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Beer historian Ron Pattinson, of the blog Shut Up About Barclay Perkins, is famous for writing about the longevity of ideas in the brewing community. His research provides some necessary grounding to the lofty ambitions of today’s inventive craft brewers, who are fond of re-inventing the wheel and then arguing about what to call it.

29 result(s) found.