Writer: Federico Tondini

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Tropical Punch IPA

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The use of yeast strains specifically chosen for their thiol enhancing capabilities are becoming common. Here is a way to optimize their use.

Tropical Thirst


Thiols are all the talk in the brewing world these days. Here an explanation and some best practices to try to express them in your brewery.

Novel Yeasts

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Yeast has evolved with the rise of human civilizations and helped shape them. There are a lot more species than just the two we most commonly use in brewing. Learn how and where you too can join the hunt for novel yeast strains.

Killing It NAB


If you are looking to brew a non-alcohol beer in your home or brewery, here is recipe and directions to produce one yourself.

A Focus On Enzymes: Micro-fermentation technique for non-alcohol beers


Brewing high-quality, low- and non-alcoholic beers has proven to be a huge challenge for brewers. Here is an approach to brewing a full-flavored beer with below 0.5% ABV.

Alternative Souring Methods: Acid-producing yeast strains


Brewers and winemakers often share ideas with one another. Fermentation specialist Federico Tondini guides readers through the world of a yeast strain brought over from the wine world: Lachancea thermotolerans

Enzymes Ex Machina: Explore the world of exogenous enzymes

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For a long time the only enzyme most brewers would ever think about adding was some amylase enzymes . . . boy have times changed. Learn about the rapidly expanding world of exogenous enzymes.

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