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Selecting Hops: Tips from the Pros

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Two pros — Jeremy Marshall (Lagunitas) and Richard Norgrove, Jr. (Bear Republic) — hop to it and give our readers the low down on picking the right lupulin delivery vector.

Brewing With Rye: Tips from the Pros

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Two pros – Brian Buckowski (Terrapin Brewery) and Tim Schwartz (Real Ale Brewing) – give the hows and the why for brewing with rye.

Gluten-Free Brewing


Got gluten? If you brew with barley, wheat or rye you do. For sufferers of celiac disease, this crosses those beers off the "to brew" list. However, there are gluten-free grains – including sorghum, buckwheat, quinoa, rice and corn – from which beers can be made. Learn the techniques required to make your brewery gluten free. Plus: two gluten free recipes

Make Your Own Root Beer

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Ever wonder what else you can do with all your shiny beer making equipment? How about making root beer? Many commercial breweries turned to root beer production to try to stay afloat during Prohibition, and some craft breweries and brewpubs make root beer today. Our article will help you get to the root of the matter with tips and 4 great recipes.

High Elevation Brewing

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At high altitudes, water boils at a lower temperature. How does that affect mile-high homebrewers? Read this article and find out. Plus: a high-altitude recipe from a New Mexican brewery at 7,000 ft.

Milk Stout: It Does a Body Good


Milk in stout? Well, not exactly. Although the origins of milk stout trace back to the practice of blending milk and beer, modern milk stouts are brewed with lactose, or milk sugar, added to the kettle or fermenter. This unfermentable sugar gives the beer some residual sweetness. PLUS: A blizzard of stout recipes

Over a Barrel

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La Folie, a limited-release beer similar to a Belgian lambic, is aged with wild yeast and bacteria in wooden barrels. Here’s how to make this superlative sour beer at home, with inside tips, techniques and a recipe from the New Belgium brewmaster.

Brewing with Coffee


Give your beer a jolt! Tips, techniques and advice on adding gourmet java to your next batch of homebrew, plus three energizing recipes: Coffee Imperial Stout, Double Chocolate Expresso Stout and Mudhouse Stout.

New Belgium Brewing Co.’s Fat Tire Clone

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An extremely popular beer, featuring “toasty, biscuit-like malt flavors coasting in equilibrium with hoppy freshness.”

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