Writer: Greg Paterson

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Retractable CO2 Lines


Tired of hauling kegs to your CO2 tank? A homebrewer shares his solution of housing a CO2 tank above his homebrewery and installing retractable CO2 lines that can reach anywhere he needs gas.



When a homebrewer ups the volume of beer they’re brewing each batch, they find a glass ceiling in terms of the yeast starter size they can place on their magnetic stirrer. This brewer decided to break through it with a mega-starter.

E-Ink Faucet Handles


Have you ever thought about projecting a digital image on your kegerator’s faucet handle? One homebrewer figured out how to make it happen and it’s definitely worth a look.

Build a Better Grain Mill


Starting with an old steel frame and a plan, Greg Paterson spent a few years designing and building his dream mill that is operated via a control panel powering a high torque, slow speed worm drive motor.

Building a Cold Room


A cold room is the ultimate temperature-controlled homebrew storage space. When a new garage was being constructed with the intention of having one side dedicated to his homebrewing hobby, Greg Paterson finished it off with a cold room that many pros would be jealous of. Take a look inside this immensely cool build.

Kegerator Tower Cooling: An alternative chilling system


A homebrewer came up with a clever way to utilize highly thermoconductive copper metal to keep his kegerator’s tap tower and faucets cold.

6 result(s) found.