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20 Facts You Should Know About Brewing


You know the hows — here are the whys of practical brewing practices. Knowing them will help improve your beer!

Alpha-Hop Soup: Figuring Bitterness (IBUs, AAUs and HBUs)


Figuring Bitterness: IBUs, AAUs, and HBUs.

Setting the Record Straight


 Knowing what you have done in the past can improve the beers you make in the future.

Go For the Gold with Pale Beers


Doing well with any homebrew in competition means brewing a beer that meets a select and widely recognized set of criteria in terms of appearance, aroma, flavor, and character.

Hefeweizen: Mostly Cloudy


Besides being delicious and unique, hefe-weizen is a classic show-off beer. It’s also the perfect beverage to sip on a warm day. But can you convince your friends it’s supposed to have yeast in it?

24 Brewing Tips and Rules of Thumb


The great thing about homebrewing is that in most aspects, there is no one correct way to do it. However, some ways are easier than others, and there is a multitude of

Tune Up Your Equipment


The old adage about an ounce of prevention certainly holds true when it comes to taking care of brewing equipment. Many problems can be avoided simply by taking a few extra minutes

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