Writer: Keith Yager

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Label Design 101

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How to make great-looking beer labels at home: Advice from a professional graphic designer (and avid homebrewer).

Be Bold, Get Cold!

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Nothing can showcase a homebrewer’s skills better than a clean, crisp lager. Here’s our step-by-step guide to making a batch of the coolest beer around.

Simple, Delicious Stock Ales

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I remember the moment I caught it. I had just emptied the contents of a packet of dried yeast into the fermenter and was sealing the lid firmly around the white, five-gallon bucket. It invaded my mind like a lone bacterium in a sea of agar medium. I was infected with the homebrew bug. That

Designing Great Labels

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“You’ve got to try my new brown ale,” my good friend says to me. I know it’s a brown ale because he has scribbled “BA” on the bottle cap with a green marker. Later that evening I open the ambiguous, little brown bottle and pour myself a glass of rich, foaming ale. Good beer. But

4 result(s) found.