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Brown Malt


It has been known as blown, porter and snap malt, but homebrewers know it as brown malt, if they know it at all. Its mellow roast character, cheeky bitterness and acrid finish has warmed the cockles of many an Englishman over the centuries. It was once a malt of choice for many dark brews, especially porters and stouts. However, improvements in malting technology — including the development of pale base malts with better yields and dark specialty malts with more color — led to its decline. And it almost faded into brewing history. Almost. Today, a few maltsters — including Crisp, Thomas Fawcett and Sons, Hugh Baird and Beeston — produce brown malt and many homebrewers are discovering what made this lightly-roasted malt so popular in the past. Brown malt is back.

Dark Roasted Barley


Roasted barley is not a malt, but it is the stuff of stouts . . . and more. Whenever you need an aromatic, espresso-like flavor or a dark beer with a light head, roasted barley is the key. Plus: four clone recipes

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Chocolate Malt


I’m not sure of anything as ubiquitously distributed and enjoyed the world over as “chockies.” From the creamy goodness of milk chocolate to the biting dryness of very dark cocoa, it’s entirely loved. If only there were something in brewing that we could use to mimic chocolate. If only…

Back in Black: The Truth About Black Patent Malt


Burnt? Acrid? Or just misunderstood? Learn the truth about how black malt is made and what it’s good for. Plus: four clone recipes

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