Writer: Marlon Lang

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Carbonating Options for Kegging


Techniques and pointers for force carbonating your beer, including a carbonation chart to get your desired CO2 level dialed in.

CO2 Out the Wazoo


"Are we there yet?" This is a question every "shaker" has asked when force carbonating their keg. The regulator has stoppeed groaning, but is the keg carbonated to the right level? Find out with the help of a rotometer.

Kick Up Your Extract Kit


Beer kits are a popular choice for many homebrewers. But many kit makers may wish to start brewing “Outside the box.” We’ll take a cue from a famous TV chef and show you how to kick up your kit a notch.

Brewing on Autopilot with PID Controllers


PID controllers are a popular way to add automated control to RIMS or HERMS breweries. Discover the art and science of controlling PID controllers.

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