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The Forced Ferment Test

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A forced ferment is a test used by many professional brewers and brewery labs to determine the minimum final gravity possible from a freshly-made batch of wort. By diverting a sample of wort from the main batch and causing it to undergo a rapid fermentation — through some combination of overpitching, elevated temperature, and/or agitation or

Using Yeast Nutrients

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Photo by Kevin Margulieux When I was a kid, my grandma would buy sampler packs of single-serving boxes of Kellogg’s cereal for my brothers and me. Remember those? Invariably, the last one to get eaten was always Product 19 — the one with all the essential vitamins and minerals. Those nutrient-rich but sugar- and cartoon

Homebrew Yeast Pitching Rates


“Brewers make wort, yeast make beer.” It’s a saying I’ve cited so many times over the years, I’d have stopped repeating it long ago if I didn’t like the sound of my

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