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Return of a Classic Sour Ale


Lambics have become popular among brewers around the world as the craft beer bug spreads, but we return to where it all began to learn the techniques and history of Belgian lambic.

Zoc’s Traditional Lambic


A traditional lambic from Paul Zocco.

Italian Homebrewing


As we homebrewers know, brewing your own beer has enjoyed a huge growth of interest over the past few decades. Homebrewing clubs have formed in every corner of America, and home-brewing supplies

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA clone


This innovative IPA employs Dogfish Head’s method of adding hops continuously over the entire boil. Showcasing a big US Northwest hop bill, 60-Minute is the session beer sister of 90-Minute IPA.

Paul Zocco’s Flemish Red Ale


Paul Zocco, owner of Zok’s Homebrewing Supplies, in Willimantic, Connecticut says, “I spent a day at Rodenbach inhaling a few Grand Crus, one of the world’s best Flemish Red there is. This beer recipe has won many golds in New England competitions and it made the second round in the 2005 National Homebrew Contest.”

Zocco’s Sweet Mead


Paul Zocco was the 2003 National Meadmaker of the Year and 2001-2004 New England Meadmaker of the Year.

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Build a Continuous Wort Hopper


Want to drop hops in your wort at a steady rate over the course of the boil? Then let us show you how to build your own over-the-top continuous wort hopper. All you need is a length of PVC pipe, a motor and the desire to brew real hop monsters. Plus: Put it to work — a clone recipe for Dogfish Head’s 60-Minute IPA.

Building 3 Tiers to Beer


Want to build your own quarter or half-barrel brewing system? We’ll take you step-by-step from stainless steel tubes to a sturdy stand for a three-vessel brewing system capable of brewing 5 to 13-gallon (19-49 L) batches of beer.

Mead: From Nectar to Nirvana


Flowers make nectar. Bees make honey…and homebrewers make mead. Or, at least they can after reading our primer on making the "nectar of the gods." Plus: sweet and semi-sweet mead recipes

Apple Cider: The Flavor of Autumn


The cooling air, the colors creeping into the foliage… these are all signs that cider season is here. With your knowledge of brewing and current equipment, you can also make great cider. An award-winning cidermaker guides you through the field of options to consider when making this beverage.

Great Scot!


A homebrewer wanders through Scotland and returns with all the firsthand knowledge you’ll need to brew classic “shilling” ales and wee heavies at home. Plus: masterful tips from Scottish beer expert Greg Noonan, and extract and all-grain recipes for 60-shilling, 70-shilling, 80-shilling, wee heavy, heather ale and grozet.

A Bilge Pump to Clarify Wort: Projects


Use a boating bilge pump to clarify your wort.

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