Writer: Robert Archibald

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Inspiration to Brew an Ethiopian T’ej


Inspired by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery’s Miles Davis Bitches Brew, one homebrewer learns about an interesting fermentation culture in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian T’ej

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While this is technically a braggot, mead brewed with grain malt, the addition of the Gesho adds the characteristic flavors of an Ethiopian T’ej.

Rastaman Stout

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Loosely based on Miles Davis Bitches’ Brew by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Rastaman Stout is part imperial stout, part Ethiopian T’ej. A fun recipe for those looking to trying something unique.

Pirate Brews In Colorado

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Palm trees and coconuts, what else screams Caribbean? How about pineapple, jerk spices, and Scotch bonnet peppers?

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