Writer: Terry Foster

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A History of Malt Extract


Set sail on a journey of new inventions, scurvy sailors and botched beer. It’s the (early) history of malt extract. Plus: historical extract recipes straight from Captain Cook!

Old Ales


From 19th-Century England to today, a new look at old ales. You’re not Peculier if you want to learn about this style of beer. Plus: two old ale recipes

Make a Can’t Fail Pale Ale


You know it. You love it. Now the guy who wrote the book on pale ale will tell you how to brew it. Includes recipes for a classic English pale ale, a classic American pale ale and the author’s favorite brewpub pale ale. Plus: Homebrew-inspired adaptations that push the limits of the style.

Perfect Porter


Porter was born in London in 1722 and for years was the most popular pint in the working-class pubs. After nearly disappearing, the style was brought back in the 1970s and is enjoying a modern-day revival on both sides of the Atlantic. Tips, techniques and step-by-step recipes from Terry Foster, the man who literally wrote the book on porter.

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