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Hard Cider: Tips from the Pros


Put the snapple in your apple with tips from the makers of Woodchuck Cider, Ace Cider and Ashton Lewis of Springfield Brewing Company.

Hot Rocks! Making a Stein Beer


To make a traditional German stein bier, use superheated granite to get your wort boiling.

Brewing Holiday Beers: Tips from the Pros


Holiday Brews: Festive beer is only a hop, spice and fruit away With the holidays approaching, this is the perfect time to expand your repertoire with a festive holiday beer recipe. Friends

Lowdown on Lautering: Tips from the Pros


Three pros give the lowdown on lautering.

On the Yeast: Guide to Bottle Conditioning


Bottle conditioning is key to emulating the authentic taste of Belgian ale. Here’s how to do it right.

Harvesting Yeast: Tips from the Pros


 Scoop it out, toss it in, make better beer

Pep Up Your Holiday Parties


Make your beer stand out at any celebration by paying close attention to glassware, pairing food and beer, and proper serving techniques.

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