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Double Pipe Wort Chiller


In double pipe heat exchangers, one fluid flows inside a pipe and a second fluid flows in another pipe that surrounds the first in a concentric tube construction. It is similar to the commonly used coiled counterflow chiller, but instead of using a continuous length of a double pipe, the length of the heat exchanger is split in short, straight sections that can be cleaned with a pipe brush and mild chemicals.

Jacketed Mash Mixer


I believe a gentle mixing process helps loosen starch particles from grains making them more available to hydrolyzing enzyme action. In spite of clear evidence from commercial practice where mash mixers are

Bottle Cleaning/Sanitizing Rack


Most homebrewers would agree that the better part of brewing beer at home is spent cleaning and sanitizing equipment. A lot of dedication goes into every batch and after waiting weeks for

Build a Mixing Valve for Consistent Water Temperature


Every time I travel I try to visit the local breweries and, if I can, do a brewery tour of each of the establishments. After touring a few breweries I found that

Maximize Your Mash: Understanding Impact of Equipment & Temperature


There is an old saying that brewers make wort but yeast make beer. It is hard to argue against that fact, but the wort we feed the yeast will determine the final

Build an Electric Brewing Control Panel


Homebrewing can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Of course, the definition of simple or complicated all depends on the way you look at it. Like

Mixing Valve: Projects


Achieve a precise water temperature for mashing in or lautering by building a mixing valve.

Build A Heated Mash Tun: Projects


Keep your mash temperatures constant by building your own internally heated mash tun.

8 result(s) found.