2020 Label Contest Winners

Maybe it was because people had been cooped up at home due to the coronavirus  pandemic. Maybe the word got out and spread further than in some previous years. Maybe it was the quarter-century anniversary . . . but whatever it was, this year’s label contest drew more high-quality entries from homebrewers than we may have ever received before. And they weren’t just from here in the States either. It’s fair to say, the BYO Label Contest has truly gone international in its 25th year. Each of the top three winners were foreign entries — and of the 18 winning labels published over the next few pages, seven countries are represented. That is definitely a first. 

We’d like to thank our generous sponsors for the donated prizes, and we hope even if you didn’t win you enjoy seeing the creative homebrew labels sent in from around the world. And remember, next year’s label contest is only a year away!


Artur Szudrowicz • Opole, Poland


Mathieu Tremblay • St-Honore, Quebec


Espen Westum • Dal, Norway


William Gardner • Hoosick Falls, New York

Reader’s Choice

Kelsey Black • Cleveland, Ohio

Honorable Mention

John Wesorick • Jenison, Michigan

Jyri Olkkonen • Espoo, Finland

Dusten Vernor • San Antonio, Texas

Ron Reyes • Burnaby, British Columbia

Steve Roffler • Taipei, Taiwan

Andrew Schmitt • Orangeville, Ontario

Owen Green • Lusaka, Zambia

Matthew Koons • Bedford, Texas

Madelynne Pursglove • Audubon, New Jersey

Ryan Jasperse • Wayland, Michigan

Dale Horchner • Logan, Utah

Ellen Kalinosky & Chuck Lysakowski • Allentown, Pennsylvania

Steve Morren • Hudsonville, Michigan

Mike Lanzafame • Springfield, New Jersey

Editor’s Choice

Alexis Malin • Montreal, Quebec

Dan Keen • Mendocino, California

Ron Sleppy • Columbus, Ohio

Andrew Wrobel • Schaghticok, New York

Ben Martin • Danville, Indiana

April Pintor • Eagle River, Arkansas

Dave Rickard • Marietta, Georgia

Felix Yang • Taipei, Taiwan

Ian Purvis • Rockford, Michigan

Issue: July-August 2020