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When I started brewing beer a little over 30 years ago, the craft beer revolution had not happened yet, and the selection of commercial beers was limited to small variations of the


Brut IPA

Brut IPA is the latest beer style to explode onto the craft beer scene. Learn about the bone dry IPA from a homebrewer and three pros, including the brewer who developed the


Spiced beer can be a thing of beauty when done well; but brewers need judicious additions and well-married flavors. We sit down with two professional brewers who know what it takes to


As most beginning homebrewers do, I first bottled my homebrew in saved 12-oz. longnecks. After a few batches under my belt I found bottling was a hassle, and I really wanted a


Girl Power

Homebrewing — and brewing in general — has long been an activity dominated by men. But that is slowly starting to change as initiatives from clubs and homebrew shop owners are beginning


My version is a bigger version of English examples, so I will use English ingredients where I can. Already a member? Log In


In the last 15 years, American sour beer has grown from experiments tucked away in the sheds or corners of a handful of breweries, to dedicated producers and year-round offerings from the


In this installment, we’ll discuss the intricacies of hops and learn some of the key components that every homebrewer should understand in order to “talk hop shop.” Hop Anatomy Hop cones are


The popularity of all-grain brewing has surged in recent years. In this column I’m going to step outside the norm for Beginner’s Block and talk more to the advanced brewers about simplifying


Dear Replicator, When I moved from Vermont to California back in 2005, the one beer that I missed right away was Long Trail Ale. It’s a beer that has never been available


Warszawski Porter Bałtycki (Warsaw Baltic Porter) (5.25 gal/20 L, all-grain) OG = 1.092 FG = 1.024 IBU = 64 SRM = 29 ABV = 9% Ingredients 14.75 lbs. (6.7 kg) Pilsen malt


This Holiday Season give the gift of beer! Check out all the great beer gear in the following section for some great gift ideas for friends & family or make your own


Ask Mr. Wizard

Could you give some tips or advice on how to best calculate the final gravity of a beer? I often nail the original gravity (OG) down by knowing my system efficiency, but occasionally I am let down by my final gravity differing from brewing software predictions.

Calculating a beer’s final gravity, balancing draft systems. Already a member? Log In

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