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In the beginning, fermentation was a mystery. We now know that the conversion of fermentable carbohydrates into ethanol and carbon dioxide is accomplished by Saccharomyces cerevisiae (or Saccharomyces pastorianus if we’re talking


Cooking With Tripel

The Trappist tripel ale is a beautiful beverage. My first experience with a tripel was back in 1993 when I had generally been consuming mostly what could be found in the grocery


Allagash Tripel is a complex and delicious version of the Belgian classic. According to the brewery, the beer features herbal notes and passion fruit, with hints of banana and honey. Already a


Enter your best homebrew labels into BYO’s 24th Annual Label Contest and compete for a share of thousands of dollars of great brewing prizes from our sponsors! The entry deadline is April


Updated March 27, 2019 Homebrew News Beech tree galls found in the forests of Patagonia where the missing parental yeast species to modern lager strains was discovered. Cold Lagered? Research delving into


A few things before we get started as the new authors of this column — in case we’re strangers. One of us is a mad scientist amuck in the world and the


We ask retail shops for tips to help new brewers improve their beers and brewing process. From cleaning to ingredient choice to techniques, we have the tips from folks who deal with


The last half of the 19th Century brought a revolution in brewing, when technical and scientific advances — including  refrigeration and isolation of pure yeast strains — propelled lager beer far beyond


Baseball Beers You Can Brew There’s just something about being at the ballpark, about watching a major-league game in a stadium filled with fans. The light makes the turf look perfect –


How many of you want to start a lab, but have no idea where to start? You begin to look into it, but there are so many different aspects of a lab


I spent a lot of time controlling temperatures on the cold side of the brewing process in my early homebrew days, including temperature control during grain, hop and yeast storage, yeast propagation


Beer-Wine Hybrids

Beer and wine hybrids are bridging the gap between breweries and wineries Already a member? Log In


Ask Mr. Wizard

I can’t seem to find any information that I feel like I can trust on the amount of priming sugar to use if I cold crash my homebrew. I have heard you need less priming sugar, but the calculations I’ve seen haven’t been reliable. Also some say not to worry and it might take a little longer to carbonate. This is probably the most confusing thing I have tried to get info on in almost two years of homebrewing. I don’t keg yet, which really makes it worse because it seems like most people offering knowledge do. I’m just scared of getting bottle bombs or 48 flat beers.

The Wizard fields questions on priming cold-crashed beers and the technique of kettle souring. Already a member? Log In

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