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Dip hopping — letting hops soak at about 170 °F (77 °C) for an hour — has been shown to boost pleasant hop aromas while suppressing or removing unpleasant off-flavors, like myrcene, and aromas that are derived from fermentation.


Kegging 101

Get to know the equipment and techniques required to start kegging your homebrews. With some initial investment, you can soon be serving beers on draught in the convenience of your own home.


Years ago, while I was serving as a US Peace Corps volunteer in Ghana, West Africa, I loved ending my day with a drink or two of whatever local beverage that might


Enter your best homebrew labels into BYO’s 26th Annual Label Contest and compete for a share of thousands of dollars of great brewing prizes from our sponsors! The entry deadline is August


Get the latest homebrewing and beer related news, products, and upcoming events.


Beer brewing is an art, and not just a technical exercise, as my friend Randy Mosher is fond of reminding me. Many of you know Randy as the author of great books


If you asked me to create a cake recipe from scratch, I would probably stare blindly at you for a few moments before giving up. Yes, I know you can make a


Sensory testing should be put in place on day one of starting to brew commercially. Explore ways to establish and maintain a sensory program in your brewery.


Nothing says "I love you" to a homebrewer quite like a homebrew-related gift. Say so this Father's Day with the help of our Gift Guide.


Things don’t always go as planned when brewing beer. Make sure you’re ready for those days when things go awry. Learn the basic remedial steps that brewers have in their arsenal to combat an “off-day.”


Learn about the terms aeration and oxygenation, as well as how and when to apply this brewing process.


A road trip across the cornbelt of America finds a reader enjoying an unexpected surprise of a beer in Iowa. The Replicator tracks down the story behind the beer, the brewery, and a recipe.


Ask Mr. Wizard

When substituting bittering hops, how important are the hop characteristics? It would seem that the boiling of the hops destroys most everything except the desired bitterness. Also, the hop substitution guide lists Northern Brewer as a substitute for Perle but not the reverse. Can you clarify this for me?

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