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Just because water is safe to drink doesn’t mean it is ideal for making great beer. Changing the chemistry of water is the first step great brewers take when creating a recipe,


Spicy, chocolatey and coffee-flavored beers brewed for when you want to set the mood.


Enter your best homebrew labels into BYO’s 25th Annual Label Contest and compete for a share of thousands of dollars of great brewing prizes from our sponsors! The entry deadline is April


The summer of 2019 may go down in the annals of North American beer history as The Summer of Hard Seltzer, and not because hard seltzers over-took beer volume or converted bearded


Updated March 25, 2020 Homebrew News 2019 Beer Sales After combing through several annual sales reports, 2019 overall beer production in the USA remained fairly flat, while craft beer sales continued its


This obscure beer style, which is slightly salty and slightly sour, has been brewed for over 1,000 years.


3 Ways to Wheat

  It’s easy to spot the wheat beer among the ambers and stouts on any taproom table: just look for the one with the soft, hazy glow in the palest shade of


One of the most common reactions I get when I mention that I’m a beer judge is, “Do you spit it out?” Actually, it takes hard work and focus to judge beer.


Chill on the cheap by building your own counterflow wort chiller for about forty bucks. With one trip to the hardware store and about an hour of build time, you can be chilling your wort quickly and efficiently with this "cool" project. Plus: A Rundown of Different Chilling Options


You can’t trust water: Even a straight stick turns crooked in it.” – W.C. Fields. Over the years, I’ve probably had more discussions, debates, and arguments with other brewers over water than


Barrel-aged beers are wonderful, but barrels are also expensive, time-consuming, and take up a lot of space. With the wide array of oak alternatives available, they are also unnecessary. Explore the alternatives to barrels.


It’s planting season again. BYO’s hop gardener offers some ways to make this year’s crop healthier and more productive.


Ask Mr. Wizard

I can’t seem to find any information that I feel like I can trust on the amount of priming sugar to use if I cold crash my homebrew. I have heard you need less priming sugar, but the calculations I’ve seen haven’t been reliable. Also some say not to worry and it might take a little longer to carbonate. This is probably the most confusing thing I have tried to get info on in almost two years of homebrewing. I don’t keg yet, which really makes it worse because it seems like most people offering knowledge do. I’m just scared of getting bottle bombs or 48 flat beers.

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