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There are many woods beyond oak that can add complexity to beer. Two pros who know their way around these exotic flavors share their top tips. Wayne Wambles, Brewmaster at Cigar City


Brewers often commit that five-step sequence to muscle memory. After all, a strict routine is vital in maintaining a high level of control over the countless variables affecting the beermaking process and


Alem Bier’s Muscat Brett Saison clone (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain)OG = 1.056   FG = 1.007IBU = 13   SRM = 3   ABV = 6.8% This saison with Brettanomyces from Alem Bier


Ireland was ruled by Britain for centuries, and the north of Ireland still remains a part of Great Britain. But it is worth pointing out that it was the Normans who first


Get the latest homebrewing and beer related news, products, and upcoming events.


Get some pointers to brew the big ABV beers this cold-weather season.


Open fermentation can yield some amazing flavors, but requires the brewer to pay special attention to temperature, cleanliness, and fermenter shape. Some professional breweries cool their wort in vessels called coolships. Coolships


I think most people know that I enjoy traveling for beer, whether I’m judging, teaching, brewing, consulting, giving judging exams, or just being a beer tourist. I have greatly enjoyed most of the


The Replicator travels to Asheville, North Carolina to visit the first modern craft brewery that opened in the city and whose founder recently won the coveted Brewers Association Recognition Award. He explores their tasty Oatmeal Porter.


Decoction Mashing

Almost all modern malts are well modified and respond well to a single infusion mash when an all-malt beer is being brewed. But sometimes you will come across a malt or recipe


Give your beer a jolt! Tips, techniques and advice on adding gourmet java to your next batch of homebrew, plus three energizing recipes: Coffee Imperial Stout, Double Chocolate Expresso Stout and Mudhouse Stout.


Dale Katechis needed a plan. It was 1999, and Oskar Blues Grill & Brew, the cajun-style joint he’d founded two years earlier in tiny Lyons, Colorado, was struggling to bring in customers.


Ask Mr. Wizard

I can’t seem to find any information that I feel like I can trust on the amount of priming sugar to use if I cold crash my homebrew. I have heard you need less priming sugar, but the calculations I’ve seen haven’t been reliable. Also some say not to worry and it might take a little longer to carbonate. This is probably the most confusing thing I have tried to get info on in almost two years of homebrewing. I don’t keg yet, which really makes it worse because it seems like most people offering knowledge do. I’m just scared of getting bottle bombs or 48 flat beers.

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