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Eisbock, (Eis meaning “ice” in German), is a higher-alcohol version of the classic barley-based Bavarian strong lager, the bockbier (or bock for short), or alternately, a wheat-based ale. Eisbock has a unique


Learn about fermenting your homebrew in a bourbon barrel.


Wine yeast ferments wort differently when compared to brewer’s yeast, but that doesn’t mean brewers can’t use them. Michael Tonsmeire offers some tips and ideas for their use.


As a homebrewer, the selection of different fermenters is pretty astounding. Make sure you choose wisely.


Updated November 21, 2019 Homebrew News 2019 North American Hop Harvest As the 2019 Northern American hop pellets hit the marketplace, we thought folks should know how the harvest fared. According to


Wild beers can be fermented a couple of ways —from pitching cultured yeast/bacteria or leaving the wort exposed and allowing it to ferment spontaneously, as Belgian lambic brewers do. While riskier, spontaneous


The modern era of agriculture and cultivation of crops, somewhere around 7000 BC, was partly due to the desire and demand for beer. People wanted a reliable source of beer, something I


“Denmark?” my wife asks, slightly incredulously. “Denmark,” I say. It was Valentine’s Day 2010 and my wife and I had just finished up a fairly extensive beer tasting of commercial offerings of


These former homebrewers have turned their hobby into a profession.



Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus has developed a bad reputation. It has been the culprit in highly publicized recalls, and poses a serious economic and safety risk to brewers. On the other hand,


Is there a brew that conjures up more images than mead? Whether you associate it with ancient druids, pre-Roman civilizations of central Europe, Vikings, Teutonic raiders, Celts ancient or modern, it is


Whether you're just beginning or want to brush up on your technqiue, this article walks you through an infusion mash, step by step.


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I can’t seem to find any information that I feel like I can trust on the amount of priming sugar to use if I cold crash my homebrew. I have heard you need less priming sugar, but the calculations I’ve seen haven’t been reliable. Also some say not to worry and it might take a little longer to carbonate. This is probably the most confusing thing I have tried to get info on in almost two years of homebrewing. I don’t keg yet, which really makes it worse because it seems like most people offering knowledge do. I’m just scared of getting bottle bombs or 48 flat beers.

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