2021 Homebrewer’s Holiday Gift Guide

Equipment Upgrades

Start canning your homebrews with a can sealer from All American Beer Can Sealers.
Pull beer off the top of the keg instead of the bottom with a Clear Beer Draught System
Hydrometer test kits, beer glassware, and other accessories
Shorten your brew day with an engineered immersion chiller from JaDeD Brewing
Stainless steel racking siphon from
Chill 5 gallons in 5 minutes with an Exchilerator counterflow system.

The Gift of Education

2nd Edition of The Beer Bible from author Jeff Alworth. A comprehensive guide to the great world of beer.
Available online, Auburn’s new M.S. in Brewing Science and Operations program

When Only the Best Will Do

Beer-related shirts and other apparel, made for any brewer.
Omega Yeast now offers their well-known kveik strain in new dry format.
Make sure you know what’s in your water with a BrewLab test kit.
Extracts or extract kits, from a company that has supplied brewers for over 100 years.
Issue: November 2021