BYO Recipe Standardization

All recipes found in BYO magazine and are set to conform to the following recipe standards unless otherwise noted.

Extract efficiency: 65%

(i.e. — 1 pound of 2-row malt, which has a potential extract value of 1.037 in one US gallon of water, would yield a wort of 1.024.)

Extract values for malt extract:

liquid malt extract (LME) = 1.033–1.037
dried malt extract (DME) = 1.045

Potential extract for grains:

2-row base malts = 1.037–1.038
wheat malt = 1.037
6-row base malts = 1.035
Munich malt = 1.035
Vienna malt = 1.035
crystal malts = 1.033–1.035
chocolate malts = 1.034
dark roasted grains = 1.024–1.026
flaked maize and rice = 1.037–1.038


We calculate IBUs based on 25% hop utilization for a one-hour boil of hop pellets at specific gravities less than 1.050. For post-boil hop stands, we calculate IBUs based on 10% hop utilization for 30-minute hop stands at specific gravities less than 1.050. Increase hop dosage 10% if using whole leaf hops.


We use US gallons whenever gallons are mentioned.