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Aerating With Oxygen


Kevin Koehntop - Salt Lake City, Utah asks,

I am looking forward to begin aerating high-gravity worts with pure oxygen. First, I’ve read that one should use a pediatric oxygen regulator designed to deliver low flow rates with an incorporated flow meter to accurately assess and control the amount of oxygen being delivered into the wort. where can such a regulator be purchased? Second, does a 2-micron diffusion stone work just as well as a 0.5-micron stone? Finally, at what original gravity (OG) does it become necessary to aerate with pure O2, and how long should a flow rate of ~1 L/minute be delivered to these high gravity worts?

Before jumping into the mechanics of oxygenation, I want to touch on oxygenation versus aeration. Yeast require oxygen to grow since oxygen is a component of healthy cellular membranes. When brewing fermentations
Response by Ashton Lewis.