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A Kettle/Fermenter Conversion


Kevin Ricks — Macomb, Mississippi asks,

I recently was given an old stainless steel coke CO2 tank. This beast is able to withstand 300 psi and I’m guesstimating it will hold at least 30 gallons (114 L). I was hoping to make a brew kettle/fermenter combo out of it. I was planning on putting an 8-in. (20-cm) ferrule on each end with different size tri-clamp ports. are there any recommendations or designs out there to follow? How many heating element ports does it need to have? What’s the Best way to cool wort/temperature control? I was hoping to have a design before I started cutting this thing up and ruining it.

Wow, this is a fun question and a fun project! Looking at the photos, it appears this vessel was insulated and covered by an outer jacket, essentially a second tank. The inner
Response by Ashton Lewis.