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Amylase Enzymes


Keith Bachman - Ozark, Missouri asks,

I just brewed a doppelbock (my first lager) with a target original gravity (OG) of 1.095. Knowing pitching rates are super important for lagers, I made a robust starter. I used two packs of Wyeast Munich Lager II (Wyeast 2352-PC) in a 2 L (2 qt.) starter of 1.040 OG wort. Once the 2-L (2-Qt.) starter was finished, I cold crashed my starter, then created another 2-L (2 qt.) starter of 1.050 OG wort. By my calculations, after the second starter I should have had about 820 billion cells. After transferring the wort to my carboy for primary fermentation, I oxygenated the wort with pure oxygen. I pitched the yeast and transferred the carboy to my controlled fermentation chamber set at 55 °F (13 °C). After two weeks in primary the gravity was at 1.050 and stayed at 1.050 for the next three days. Fearing a stuck fermentation, I read various ways to fix it and continually came across using amylase enzyme. Would amylase enzyme help? Should I make another starter and re-pitch?

At first glance, wort fermentability could be the problem with this brew. It seems that plenty of healthy yeast was used, the wort was well oxygenated and fermentation conducted at a very
Response by Ashton Lewis.