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Bottling from a keg


Kary W. Robertson • Placerville, California asks,

What will happen if I just tap my force-carbonated beer into bottles and cap? Will the oxygen exposure really be that detrimental to the beer in the short term? I am contemplating using a counter-pressure bottle filler and wonder whether it is really required for the homebrewer. I know that counter-pressure bottle fillers purge the air from the bottle, replacing it with C02 and then reducing C02 loss during transfer, but the beer will still be exposed to air when capping. I see that oxygen-absorbing caps are available. Will these be effective in the removal of oxygen in the head of the bottle or are they just another gimmick? Do professional breweries use these types of caps?

Kary, let me begin by stating for you and other readers that I absolutely despise oxidized beer. When I was a student at UC-Davis (located down the hill from Placerville), one of
Response by Ashton Lewis.