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Brewing While Camping


Gabe Smoley • Spokane, Washington asks,

I would like to start brewing small batches of beer while I am camping. I have most of the logistics figured out: set up camp next to a fresh water source, filter 1+ gallons, collect any local ingredients (e.g. blueberries), sleep, wake up and pack my campsite, brew a 1–gallon (3.8 L) extract recipe on a portable jetboil stove, filter into a jug and hike out. My question is, when should I pitch my yeast? I figure the hike out will aerate the wort but how much time (and movement of the wort) is too much?

I love the adventurous spirit of the West. Add this to the reflex for creative thinking common to homebrewers and out comes Gabe’s Nuts and Berries Trail Ale. I must admit that
Response by Ashton Lewis.