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Can I use water with ozone in it to sanitize equipment?


K. Hewitt • Salina, Kansas asks,

Would you recommend using water with ozone in it to sanitize brewing equipment rather than chlorine? I found a local dealer who sells an “under the sink” ozone machine that connects in-line to your existing water line. He said that the ozone would not affect the stainless steel and would dissipate after a short period of time so as not to leave a residue. Also, what do you think about passing finished beer or wine through the ozone machine and using it as a yeast filter? It seems as though the ozone would kill the ambient yeast still in the finished beer, as well as any foreign bacteria that might still be present when it’s time to keg or bottle the batch.

When ozone is bubbled through water, the water is said to be “ozonated.” Ozone is a potent oxidizing compound due to its instability and it breaks down according to the following chemistry:
Response by Ashton Lewis.