Ask Mr. Wizard

Easy Aeration


Jesse Bavaro - Rocky Hill, Connecticut asks,

In the December 2013 issue you described a low-cost method for wort aeration consisting of a barbed tee set up in-line on the way to the fermenter. I recently tried this method and ended up with a wort geyser! I thought that it may have happened because I had created too much back pressure by leaving the standoff at the end of the racking cane. I experimented again later without the standoff, using only water and had the same issue. I am pumping wort into my heat exchanger with 1⁄2-inch tubing and it exits into 3⁄8-inch tubing, through a 3⁄8-inch in-line thermometer, then to the 3⁄8-inch tee with the open end facing up, to the 3⁄8-inch racking cane. What am I doing wrong?

The low-cost method I described uses a tee where the wort flows horizontally into the center branch of the tee and down from the bottom leg. As liquid flows through the tee,
Response by Ashton Lewis.