Ask Mr. Wizard

Green Peach flavors


Dave Morrow asks,

I just tried my first all-grain brewed pale Pilsner malt beer. Bottled about 12 days ago, it had a very “unripe” somewhat sour taste to it. Kind of a “green” peach or something. Will this subside? Does it just need more time to age? I used 3–4 ounces (84–112 g) of Saaz hops at three different stages and a fresh hops flavor is present. The beer itself tastes fresh as well . . . but a little too fresh — like it needs to age and mellow out. Please help! Will time fix this? If so, will it take two weeks . . . six months?

One thought comes to mind and that is acetaldehyde. Almost all homebrewers know about diacetyl and are often taught to dislike diacetyl with vigor. I am one of those brewers who really
Response by Ashton Lewis.