Ask Mr. Wizard

Handling With Frozen Fruit


Brad Carpenter — Raleigh, North Carolina asks,

Whenever I’ve sought online advice for adding fresh fruit into a secondary, people consistently recommend using frozen fruit. I’ve used pasteurized purees, vodka-infused tinctures, and artificial flavoring, but those methods alter the flavors. I understand lowering the temperature will slow yeast growth. But does it actually kill off the baddies? Hollywood has taught me that freezing an organism, even for thousands of years, and thawing them out will result in disastrous monsters. I’d like to know the scientific answer, is there a chance anything would survive freezing?

Hollywood movies generously apply dramatic license in all matters of the world. But when it comes to portraying the resurrection of frozen life forms, there is not much exaggeration when the organism
Response by Ashton Lewis.