Ask Mr. Wizard

Hop Creep Revisited


Greg Stoner — Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania asks,

I was reading the Mr. Wizard answer titled “Hop Creep Explained” and have had the issue of overcarbonation with a couple IPA batches that I dry hopped. I thought that I had made a mistake with the priming sugar, but after reading that article, I believe hop creep was the problem. Would it make any sense to adjust the amount of priming sugar to compensate for the hop creep? I did a little more research and read about lowering the wort pH in order to compensate for hop creep. Do you have any suggestions on how to measure and adjust pH to compensate for hop creep?

I rarely answer similar questions in a single column, but this question pairs well with Greg Hutchinson’s question in this issue about over-carbonation and is a good follow-up to my “Hop Creep
Response by Ashton Lewis.