Ask Mr. Wizard

Hot Side Aeration Debate


Andy Lynch and Bob Bratcher • Roanoke, Virginia asks,

Regarding BYO’s response to Dan Cole of Roanoke, Va. about hot-side aeration; I know Dan and he is not given to asking contentious questions for the sake of being contentious. I think he has intelligently challenged you to answer a simple question with a real answer. You have twice told him that HSA is not a problem for homebrewers, but you have never given a researched or referenced answer as to why you believe this. Perhaps most brewers do have a lot to worry about before HSA ranks on their list of problems. Some never get to the level of experience and scope of brewing where it may be an issue. However, as a subscriber, I feel a better answer to the question is called for. A little explanation as to why the editor disagrees so strongly with Mr. Wizard as well as your other feature writers would go a long way to settle this question.


Before I jump head first into this colorful debate about hot-side aeration (HSA), I would like to explain where some of the comments in BYO mail and in some of the BYO
Response by Ashton Lewis.