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Is There a Difference Between Rolled and Flaked Grains?


Tony DelMedico — St. Paul, Minnesota asks,

I keep seeing the forums suggesting a difference between “flaked grains” and “rolled grains.” From what I can glean searching online, I’m finding some sources refer to the difference as semantics, and others seem to suggest there IS a real difference between these labels. I’m wondering if there’s a functional brewing difference between these or if they would need to be used differently in my brewery. As a follow-up question, I’ve Gotten into a few debates between milling flaked products versus not. Is there any advantage in your opinion to milling these grains?

Thanks for the great question, Tony! An interesting topic to dive into for sure because there are some real differences among adjunct grains that are invisible to the eye. For starters, the
Response by Ashton Lewis.