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Mash Hopping


Keith Bachman - Ozark, Missouri asks,

I have encountered some debate on a beer science/homebrewing question that has a couple of us split. I harvested some homegrown Columbus hops this year and was thinking about using them in a mash hop to help bring a lot of hop aroma and flavor without having a significant amount of trub and wort loss in the boil. I got this idea from reading Mitch Steele’s book on IPAs. However, one of the people I brought this up to said it would be a waste of my hops because all of the aroma/flavor components in the hops will just be boiled off. Do you have any experience with mash hopping beers? What would the science suggest about using hops in the mash? Thanks for your insight!


Thanks for the good question, Keith. I have always thought that the notion of adding hops early in the process, either as mash additions or pre-boil additions to the kettle, in an
Response by Ashton Lewis.