Ask Mr. Wizard

Mr. Wizard’s Guide to Cleaning Your Draft System


Frank Petrignani — Brampton, Ontario asks,

Two years ago, I bought my first two Corny kegs and have been serving some of my beer on draft (still bottle some). For a while I was just using picnic taps as they were cheap and easy, but I just bought two stainless faucets and will be running them through the fridge door. With the picnic taps, cleaning was easy as I just unscrewed the top piece on both the tap and the quick connect and soaked in cleaner solution followed by a quick sanitizer rinse. I would do this just before putting every new beer on tap. What’s your recommended procedure for cleaning lines and faucets? Do you recommend replacing the tubing over time?

Clean draft lines and faucets are key to any properly maintained draft beer system. The good news for the homebrewer is that our draft lines tend to be relatively short and contain
Response by Ashton Lewis.