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The Importance Of Fermentation Temperatures


Kevin Schmid — Livonia, Michigan asks,

I have always fermented my beers at around 70–72 °F (21–22 °C). I just brewed a Kölsch and fermented it at the low end of the yeast manufacturer’s recommended optimum fermentation temperature range (62 °F/17 °C). It fermented great and the final gravity was 1.010. Are there any advantages or disadvantages to doing this and what impact might it have on the taste profile? I haven’t been able to see for myself as it is now in a secondary carboy conditioning for a couple more weeks before kegging.

Fermentation temperature definitely affects beer flavor and fermentation rate, however some yeast strains are more influenced by temperature than others. I will come back to this in a moment. Brewers who have
Response by Ashton Lewis.