Ask Mr. Wizard

Using Beer Burp to Help Judge a Beer?


Noelle Green • Danby, Vermont asks,

Have you ever heard of using a burp to help evaluate beer? I’ve never heard of it before, but I find there are all kinds of interesting characteristics that can be found if my nasal cavity gets a second pass at the beer aromas . . . most notably in big, hoppy IPAs, this is my best tool to assess diacetyl lurking below all the hop oils. Not like I’m purposefully doing this with every beer . . . it’s just when it occurs spontaneously. but I’ve been doing this for years to find hidden characteristics and flaws in beer. Just me?

This just goes to show that learning never stops. I can state with conviction that I have never heard or read about this method in decent circles. But I am choosing to
Response by Ashton Lewis.