Ask Mr. Wizard

Why does my beer taste like Anbesol?


Dan Dow • Easton, Pennsyvania asks,

The last two batches of beer that I brewed kind of tasted like Anbesol. I don’t think rinsing is my problem, because I rinse my equipment at least five times after sanitizing. The last batch was fermented in a brand-new glass carboy. Do you think that the trub that settles on the bottom of my carboy could be the problem? Or could it be the pellet hops that I used? I do siphon the wort through a funnel with a screen, so I really don’t get that much trub settling. Please help me; I’m going nuts over this.

Mmm, Anbesol beer! Two of the keys to problem solving in brewing are having a good palate and having the ability to describe what you are detecting with your senses. Anbesol is
Response by Ashton Lewis.