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Gelatin fining naturally conditioned beer


Luc Lachance • Toronto, Ontario asks,

Would fining with gelatin have an adverse effect on naturally conditioned beer? I’ve already used Irish moss on my second all-grain batch (2 tsp. to a 5-gallon pot in the last 15 minutes). I racked it to the secondary yesterday and the brew still looks pretty opaque. I’m curious about adding gelatin to the secondary as it is an edible food product; I just fear it would effect the yeast too badly. Would gelatin be okay, or should I steer clear from it? I’ve also looked into Polyclar, but don’t want to use powdered plastic as a fining agent.

Fining is one of those brewing practices that takes some “touch and feel” to perfect. Not all beers respond equally to finings, regardless of the type. That’s because the components in the
Response by Ashton Lewis.