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Yeast Slurry Comes Into Focus


Steve Stanley - Aurora, Colorado asks,

I just finished reading your reply to a question on re-using yeast. I’m about ready to get started doing so, most of the process is clear to me. One exception; what exactly is meant by yeast slurry?

I’ve read about yeast slurry at least a hundred times, if not more. So far all I know is it’s a mixture of yeast and liquid. The questions are what proportion of yeast to liquid constitutes a slurry and how can I measure it? In all the references to yeast management I’ve read, I can’t think of anywhere slurry is actually defined, hence my question.

The term “yeast slurry” is used by brewers to describe the pasty mixture of yeast and a liquid, usually beer. I will return to yeast slurries in a moment, but want to
Response by Ashton Lewis.