Nano Brewery Online Boot Camps

Join us live for in-depth online learning experiences covering both the brewing and business sides of running a small-scale craft brewery.

Each Online Boot Camp is recorded so attendees can watch and learn again and again from video playback.

NanoCon Online

December 3 & 4, 2021, 11 am to 5 pm (Eastern)

Big Ideas for Small-Scale Craft Brewing – Now in an Interactive Online Format. Learn from craft brewing industry experts with replays of live online sessions covering Sales & Marketing, Brewery Operations, Business Operations, and Start-Ups. Over 30 seminars, workshops, and Q&A panels geared for the small-scale commercial brewery, or brewery in-planning, working on smaller systems. 

Register for NanoCon Online: $299 $199 if Registered Early!

Video replays of Past Boot Camps

The live event may be over, but you can still watch full video replays of past workshops and learn from expert speakers. Check out the following video replays available. Register to gain access today.

Craft Brewery Start-Up Boot Camp with Steve Parkes, Audra Gaiziunas and Matthew McLaughlin

May 21, 2021, 11:30 am to 7 pm (Eastern)

Steve Parkes will walk you through the steps, planning decisions, and keys you need to know if you want to launch a commercial craft brewery. He’ll be joined by two experts to round out the interactive, live online workshop on Friday, May 21: Audra Gaiziunas  will discuss business plans and the key financial numbers you need to know starting up a brewery and Matthew McLaughlin will teach you the legal checklist any start-up brewery should have in hand. Learn from their decades of expertise and experience to help you achieve your dream of opening up a brewery.  This online workshop will be recorded so you can keep learning after the event with full access to video replays.

Register for Craft Brewery Start-Up Online Boot Camp: $149

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Brewery Quality Control with Amy Todd

May 7, 2021, 1 pm to 5:30 pm (Eastern)

Establishing and following through with a quality control program is key to the success of any craft brewery – no matter what the size of your output. Even the smallest brewery needs to run certain key tests on their beer. This can be done without taking up too much space, resources or investment. Over the course of four hours, QC expert Amy Todd of Zymology Labs will walk you through what you should be doing as a small-scale craft brewery to make sure the beer you are selling to customers reflects well on your business. You’ll learn about running sensory panels, setting up a testing lab area, running the proper tests, and more.

Register for Brewery Quality Control Online Boot Camp: $99

Brewery Quality Control Boot Camp sponsored by: 

Yeast Techniques & Lab Skills Online Boot Camp with Dr. Chris White and Kara Taylor

March 5, 2021, 1 pm to 5 pm (Eastern)

Join Dr. Chris White and Kara Taylor of White Labs on how to master different yeast-related techniques. This four-hour online workshop will cover culture selection and explore preparing yeast for pitching, what to expect when re-pitching, working with multiple cultures, and how to troubleshooting fermentation issues related to poor yeast-handling practices. Follow along in real-time how to use slants, harvesting yeast, washing and reusing yeast, streaking plates, calculating growth rates, and much more.

Register for Yeast Techniques & Lab Skills Online Boot Camp: $125

Brewing Water Adjustments Online Boot Camp with John Palmer

Water is a critical brewing ingredient and yet is one of the least understood. John Palmer, who wrote the definitive book on the subject, Water: A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers, will take the mystery out of your approach to handling water in your brewery. You’ll learn not only the chemistry, but also the tests you should be taking and the adjustments to make resulting in better beer.

Register for Brewing Water Adjustments Online Boot Camp Video Replay: $99

Brewing Water Adjustments Boot Camp sponsored by:

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Brewery Financials Online Boot Camp with Audra Gaiziunas

Watch craft brewery financial expert Audra Gaiziunas for four hours to learn the tools to better understand and manage a craft brewery’s money needs. You’ll start the day gaining an understanding of the importance of finance and accounting in craft beer and learn the top financial mistakes breweries make (and how to avoid them). You’ll then be introduced to the basics of the brewery balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statements to understand how they all tie together for your brewery business. You’ll also learn basic ratio analysis to better communicate with bankers and investors. Brewery cost accounting will be covered including beer recipe costing and overhead allocation. Plus during this online workshop budgeting, inventory management, and standard operating procedures you should have in place will be discussed. This workshop includes access to both the video replays and Audra’s presentation slides as well as invaluable excel sheet downloads Audra has developed for recipe cost analysis and other brewery financial spreadsheet tools.

Register for Brewery Financials Online Boot Camp Video Replay: $99

NanoCon Online 2020

NanoCon Online took place on November 6 & 7, 2020 but you can still register and gain full access to video replays of over 30 seminars, workshops, and Q&A panels geared for the small-scale commercial brewery, or brewery in-planning, working on smaller systems. 

Replays include questions answered by speakers, fellow attendees’ interactions, and vendors specializing in the small-scale Nano brewing niche. NanoCon Online was a wonderful and safe opportunity that benefitted small-scale brewing and business knowledge during very challenging times.

Register for NanoCon Online Post-Boot Camp: $299