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From well-tested recipes to expert advice, Brew Your Own magazine sets the standard for quality homebrew content. Now, the editors known for publishing the best information on making incredible beer at home have updated their best-selling brewing bible with an updated edition of BYO’s Big Book of Home Homebrewing. In this edition, you’ll find:

• More to learn: All-new information on creating mouthwatering hazy IPAs, pastry stouts, and kettle sours.

• New recipes to brew: Find 25 new clone recipes from popular craft brewers, including Bierstadt, Trillium, Bell’s, and Allagash.

• Everything you need to up your game: From extended info on brew-in-a-bag to the latest dry-hopping techniques. .

The Brew Your Own Big Book of Homebrewing is the ultimate all-in-one homebrew book. It’s a first-time home brewer’s best friend, explaining the entire brewing process from start to finish with step-by-step photography. Yet it has plenty for the experienced homebrewer as well, including:

  • Fully illustrated guides for making the jump to all grain and setting up your first kegging system
  • More than 50 sought-after recipes, with clones from your favorite beers from popular craft breweries
  • A deep dive into brewing ingredients, including malt, hops, yeast-even water adjustments

Whether you’re looking to get into brewing, up your game, or find inspiration for your next brew day, let this updated edition of Brew Your Own’s Big Book of Homebrewing be your guide.

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