Pear Ginger Kombucha

Pear Ginger Kombucha

(16 oz./470-mL)

Hands down the MOST popular flavor of kombucha is ginger. Humans and ginger have a love affair as the piquant flavor not only intrigues the tongue but its digestive properties also settle the stomach. Before Prohibition, ginger beer was the most popular beverage in the United States and then became ginger ale once alcohol was outlawed. Enjoy the zippy zing of ginger by adding some to your kombucha! Pears provide a sweet, floral and fall flavor for the brew; of course any other type of fruit may be substituted in place of pears.

15 oz. (440 mL) kombucha
1 tsp. ginger juice or 1 Tbls. fresh ginger or 1 1⁄2 tsp. dried ginger pieces
1 Tbls. fresh, frozen, or canned pear, diced. Alternatively, you could use 1 1⁄2 tsp. pear juice

Step by step

Combine the ingredients in a 16-oz. (470-mL) bottle and cap tightly. Allow it to sit at room temperature for 1 to 3 days and then move to the fridge (if desired) to slow fermentation. If leaving the pieces in the bottle, consume within a week or it may be strained and stored for longer.

Tips for Success:

Ginger comes in many formats and they are all delicious providing varying levels of bite. For the most intense ginger flavor, use ginger juice. For a mellower flavor, cut up a thumb of ginger and use chunks or pieces. Since it’s more intense, less juice is needed than the pieces, so adjust the recipe according to your personal taste preference. The suggestions below are just that — use as a starting point and then tweak as desired.

Issue: September 2018

Easy-to-make pear ginger kombucha