The Brew Hut Dunkelweizen

The Brew Hut Dunkelweizen

(5 gallons/19 L, partial mash)
OG = 1.046; FG = 1.012
IBU = 13; ABV = 4.5%

6 lbs. (2.7 kg) wheat liquid malt extract
8 oz. (56 g) German Munich malt
8 oz. (56 g) German Vienna malt
8 oz. (56 g) German dark crystal malt (65 °L)
1–2 oz. (28–56 g) Weyermann Carafa II Malt (optional for slightly darker color)
3.5 HBU Hallertau Hersbrücker hops (1 oz./28 g of 3.5% AA) (bittering)
3/4 corn sugar or 1 1/4 cup drymalt extract (for priming)
White Labs WLP300 (Hefeweizen Ale) or Wyeast 3068 (Weihenstephan) yeast

Step by Step
Steep the grains in 155 ºF (68 ºC) water for 30 minutes. Remove and rinse grains with 165 ºF (74 ºC) water. Add and stir in wheat malt extract. Bring to a boil and add hops. Boil for 60 minutes and then chill to 70–75 ºF (~23 ºC). Ferment for about 7–10 days or until all fermentation is complete. There is no need for a secondary fermentation.


Issue: January-February 2005

"The key when devising a recipe for a Dunkelweizen (or any other beer) is to make it in a manner that you believe will live up to your personal taste. That is the main reason many people homebrew.Want a hop-head Dunkelweizen? Add more hops! An Imperial Dunkelweizen? Double the extract/base grains and the bittering hops! On the other
hand, if you are one of those brewers who like to stick to a recipe, give the recipe below a try!"
– Kevin DeLange
The Brew Hut — Aurora, Colorado