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Problems Arising From Reusing Yeast


Roberto Caballero — Lima, Perú asks,

I have been having an issue with my fermentations when reusing yeast after rinsing. I am not sure if it is sanitation since it only has happened when using 3rd–4th generation rinsed yeast. The yeast in these cases dries out the beer (FG = 1.006 instead of my usual 1.014–1.016) and the beer is not as hazy as is typical (NEIPA). the beer is yeasty with some notes of oxidation. It was a standard infusion Mash at 67 °C (153 °F) and fermentation temperature was 18–20 °C (65–68 °F). Oxygenation rate was 2.5–3 L (2.6–3.2 qts.) per minute for 1 minute and I do it directly with a ½-in. hose (I know that’s risky but I always perform it the same way). I read an article at about wort over-oxygenation when using harvested yeast. What could I do to avoid these issues?

A Troubleshooting issues with harvested and washed yeast is difficult without having more information, but you have provided lots of good discussion points. In your case, you are taking yeast from NEIPA
Response by Ashton Lewis.